• Discord
    staff reserves the right to remove you if you do anything malicious that is not listed in the rules

    1.English chatting only/No spamming

    2.No hate speech what so ever this includes slurs and derogatory words towards groups of people.

    3.Do not attempt to impersonate staff, will result in immediate ban from the discord.

    4.Doxing and DDOS will result in immediate bans from discord and in game server.

    5.Breaking Discords ToS will lead to your removal from our community

    6.Dont go out of your way to harass people in any chats other than #trash-talk, failure to do so will result in a mute depending on how many infractions you have

    7.Inappropriate usernames/profile pictures will lead to a temp ban(3 strikes youre perm banned).

    8.Don’t post base locations in any of the discord chat channels, you will be muted for 6 hours if caught doing so.

    9.Don’t @ or PM staff about ticket matters(ex: Bans/Problems with users/cheaters) in any place but the tickets themselves


    1.Hacking is not tolerated and will result in perm bans with sufficient proof, no chance for a ban appeal.

    2.No exploiting Scripting/Glitching/Doxxing, will result in perm bans with sufficient proof.

    3.Use of hate speech and derogatory words in side chat/voip will result in a ban. (Ban appeal may be made with a written apology to the user(s) it was directed at.

    4.Do not block off building supply spawns(planks spawns).

    5.No alt accounts

    6.Explicit names are prohibited

    1.No base take overs(putting your own code locks on a base).

    2.No glitching to gain entry into a base.

    3.Logging out in someones base is prohibited, if server restarts you must log back into the server and leave the base before you stop playing, failure to do so will lead to a temp ban until you make a ticket with the base owners to negotiate your release from the base, only then will you be unbanned.

    4.Boosting is allowed to gain entry into a base Using static or dynamic in game objects.

    1.No blocking gates/storage/roadways with objects.

    2.No stacking gates, you can have airlocks but a player must be able to enter the airlock after breaking the gate leading into it.

    3.No floating bases meaning the base doesnt touch the ground or a building.

    4.Your allies cannot be built within 600m of your base.

    5.You are limited to 1 base per group(10 players).

    6.You are limited to 8 code locks for full access to a base, anymore than this and the gates will be deleted without warning until youre at 8 code locks

    7.Youre only allowed to block off 2 buildings when building a base.

    8.Youre prohibited from blocking a water wells walls/gates wil be removed without warning.